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Battlefield High School PTO  September 9, 2022 – 08:04 am
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2016-17 Battlefield HS PTO presents Battlefield High School a golf cart and TVs.

BHS PTO President, Millie Toledo-Cruz; Vice-President, Ti Meredith; and Class of 2018 Rep, Janice Edelen present Mr. Ryan Ferrera and Mr. John Zook at Battlefield High School with a golf cart for administrative and security use. Additionally, provided 4 TVs for announcements to be installed over the summer.

We are grateful to the entire BHS community, school administrators, teachers, volunteers... and local businesses for believing in us and supporting our efforts all year. Our students and the school benefit from our success and together we hope to have made a difference.

On behalf of the entire 2016-17 BHS PTO board, we wish everyone a healthy and awesome summer. Have fun, make memories and be safe!

Millie Toledo-Cruz, President
Ti Meredith, Vice-President
Beth Stuckey, Secretary
Tamara Jones, Treasurer
Janice Edelen, Class Rep 2018
Claudia Goode Muller, Class Rep 2019
Sarah Grasty, Class Rep 2020

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