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When does school start in virginia

LIST: School Start Dates in DC, Maryland & Virginia for 2017-18 Academic Year  October 13, 2022 – 09:46 am
When Does School Start in D.C., Maryland and Virginia? The 2014
  • NOTE: Double-check with your individual school to make sure you have the right start dates for your children.

Summer's already winding down for some local students. Check your school district's start date to see when you need to start prepping for back-to-school.

NOTE: Double-check with your individual school to make sure you have the right start dates for your children.


Aug. 14:

  • D.C. Public Schools on the Extended Year calendar:

Garfield Elementary School (Ward 8)

H.D. Cooke Elementary School (Ward 1)

Hart Middle School (Ward 8)

Hendley Elementary School (Ward 8)

Johnson Middle School (Ward 8)

Kelly Miller Middle School (Ward 7)

King Elementary School (Ward 8)

Luke C. Moore High School (Ward 5)

Randle Highlands Elementary School (Ward 7)

Raymond Education Campus (Ward 4)

Roosevelt STAY High School (Ward 4)

Thomas Elementary School (Ward 7)

Aug. 21:


Aug. 16:

  • Fauquier County Public Schools
  • Frederick County Public Schools

Aug. 24:

  • Loudoun County Public Schools

Aug. 28:

  • Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Prince William County Public Schools

Sept. 5:

  • Alexandria City Public Schools
  • Arlington County Public Schools
  • Falls Church City Public Schools
  • Spotsylvania County Public Schools


  • Sept. 5 for grades 1-6 and 9
  • Sept. 6 for grades 7-8
  • Sept. 7-11: staggered entrance for K and full-day pre-K
  • Sept. 8-12: staggered entrance for half-day pre-K
  • Calvert County Public Schools
  • Charles County Public Schools
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Prince George's County Public Schools
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