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Best High school football teams in virginia

Breaking down the best matchups of the 2016 Virginia high school football schedule  October 21, 2022 – 06:26 am
Top 20 most dominant Virginia high school football teams in the

The Virginia High School League recently released its master schedule for the 2016 football season, which begins July 28 with the first day of practice. Take a look at the complete schedule for teams from The Post’s coverage area here.

Here are a few highlights:

● When two teams in different conferences agree to play, they typically set it up as a two-year, home-and-home series. The upcoming campaign will close out a two-year cycle, which means most teams’ schedules look the same as last year, only with the sites flipped.

● Last year, football teams around the state finally settled into the new conferences created by the league’s 2013 realignment from a three-tier model to a six-classification format. For the previous two years, a team like Yorktown, which used to compete in the AAA National District before being reclassified to Class 6A, would still be slated to play each of its former district rivals. During the 2015 and 2016 seasons, as an official member of Class 6A’s Conference 6, Yorktown’s schedule features matchups with fellow conference foes, such as Langley and McLean. The same goes for Stone Bridge, which shifted from the AAA Liberty District to Class 5A’s Conference 14 last year.

● This marks the last season before yet another shakeup to the VHSL’s classification structure. Beginning with the 2017-18 season, the VHSL will scrap its 49 conferences and return to district play across all sports among its 316 member schools. That will rekindle old rivalries for some schools, while others will be thrown into new districts. Madison, which is slated to move to District 1 alongside Centreville, Chantilly, Oakton and Westfield next year, will be looking to capitalize against traditional district rivals McLean, Langley and South Lakes this season. The same goes for Robinson, which faces traditional district rivals Oakton, Chantilly, Westfield, Centreville and Herndon this year before moving to District 4 in 2017.

● Like last year, we’ll see some juicy matchups between Class 5A and Class 6A powerhouses that typically don’t cross paths. The five teams from Conference 14 went 14-7 last season against Class 6A opponents, lending credence to the idea that Loudoun schools can compete with the biggest schools and traditional state powers in Fairfax County. Here are some of the most intriguing rematches this fall:

Sept. 16: Centreville at Broad Run (Broad Run won last year’s installment, 56-21)

Sept. 23: Tuscarora at Centreville (Tuscarora won, 49-42)

Sept. 23: Westfield at Stone Bridge (Westfield won, 28-7)

Oct. 7: Westfield at Briar Woods (Westfield won, 36-0)

Here are a few more big matchups to circle on your calendar:

Battlefield at Hylton, Aug. 26

Hylton junior Ricky Slade will be out for revenge in this Prince William County showdown. The five-star tailback, who missed much of last season with an injury, gained just 36 yards on 13 carries during the Bulldogs’ 28-0 loss to Battlefield in last year’s season opener.

South County’s first home game presents a rematch of last year’s 6A North region final, in which eventual state champion Westfield stormed to a 40-8 victory. Junior standout Dillon Spalding is one of several receiving threats for South County signal caller Michael Salisbury this year, while senior quarterback Rehman Johnson will try to reignite a Westfield offense that graduated Tyler Scanlon and Tim Beard. The Stallions were the only team to defeat Westfield during the 2015 season.

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