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Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, VA  October 25, 2022 – 05:44 am
Virginia Episcopal School Profile | Lynchburg, Virginia (VA)

I absolutely love how VES does reward scholarships which is definitely a must for my family, This is because my parents don't have tens of thousands of dollars to attend a highschool when I could go to a public school for free, this is because we are only middle class and my parents already have 3 jobs each. The one Thing that I definitely didn't like was the diversity. The diversity at VES is almost none, the reason I say this is because almost all of the students are rich white Kids who've never had to work or do almost anything a day in their lives. Overall I ABSOLUTELY love the school and I understand that to go a prep school such as VES you Have to come from a very wealthy family, I also understand that from the area we live in most of the higher incomes families are white so that's one of the reasons the school isn't very diverse but I feel as if even though they can't magically make the student body diverse that they could make up for that in the school staff.

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