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After School Care  October 7, 2022 – 12:43 pm
After-School Programs | YMCA of South Hampton Roads

The Run N Fun After School Care is time for students to get their work done and stay active! Our staff is here to help your student develop healthy study habits and stay off the couch. We offer homework help, social skills development, and a variety of physical activities.

Program runs Monday through Friday from bus pickup until 6pm. Each session is approximately four weeks:

Dates for the 2017-2018 School Year

Session 1: September 5 - September 29
Session 2: October 2 - October 27
Session 3: October 30 - November 24
Session 4: November 27 - December 22
Session 5: January 2 - January 26
Session 6: January 29 - February 23
Session 7: February 26 - March 23
Session 8: March 26 - April 27
Session 9: April 30 - May 25
Session 10: May 28 - June 15 (*3 week session - Grades 1st-5th $206.25 / Middle School $131.25)

Elementary and High School costs $275 per session
Middle School costs $175 per session
Children registered for our After School Care are able to attend our Run N Fun Single Day camps (Oct 9, Nov 7, Nov 10, Jan 15, Jan 29, Feb 19, March 30) at no additional cost!
*A multi activity and/or multi sibling discount is given if you register for both before school care and after school care!
Email for more information!

Children are automatically enrolled in all 10 sessions.
Payments automatically drafted 14 days prior to each session.

The initial Registration Fee due at time of registration for Grades 1st-5th is $68.75.

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