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Girls Boarding School Virginia  September 29, 2022 – 10:44 am
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St. Margaret's beautiful waterfront campus allows students to be fully engaged in hands-on sciences, outdoor adventures, and community service, further proving St. Margaret's is a river school, not just a school on the river. Central to our identity and culture, the Rappahannock River – as a still pristine icon of the great outdoors and natural environments in need of our protection – serves as a vehicle for advancing our mission to help young women grow in intellect, creativity, physical wellness, individual and collaborative initiative, social concern, and moral commitment to making the world better.

St. Margaret’s offers one of the oldest international programs among American boarding schools – an unmatched educational option for girls looking to enroll in any grade level for one or more years. At SMS, international students strengthen their English skills, take challenging academic courses, and immerse themselves into American culture. The entire school community celebrates our diversity and embraces their individual roles as global citizens.

The Office of College Counseling helps students and their families prepare for the college application process. The Next Steps minimester course is a major component to our program, specifically designed to assist juniors as they explore colleges, tackle the college essay, and develop SAT test strategies. Because we know each student and her personal preferences, we can effectively seek colleges that are the right fit - colleges in which she will continue to grow and find success.

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