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Elementary schools in virginia Beach, va

Virginia Beach City Public Schools  September 27, 2022 – 08:29 am
Elementary Schools in Virginia Beach, VA | John B Dey Elementary

Virginia Beach public schools have given me the best school experience thus far. I currently go to Tallwood high school in Virginia Beach. They have these "academies" incorporated in a bunch of the high schools in the area that students can apply to for, they give students so much experience outside of the standard high school experience. Tallwood is known as the world language academy, there are a bunch of languages you can take and frequent exchange student opportunities, as well as trips to different countries if you would like. My friend in the academy has already been to china and a lot of Europe through the school! Not only are there different academies in the school, there is opportunities to take a specialized class outside of your homeschool! I'm currently taking a modeling and simulation class at the Advanced Technology Center, a branch off of the local community college TCC. There are so many great opportunities through Virginia Beach Public Schools!

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