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List of virginia High schools

Education Directories  August 17, 2016 – 11:29 am
25 Top Virginia High Schools: U.S. News Rankings - Fredericksburg

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – a school with grades kindergarten through five.
MIDDLE SCHOOL – a school with grades six through eight.
HIGH SCHOOL – a school with grades nine through 12.
COMBINED SCHOOL – a school that contains any combination of, or all, of the grade levels from kindergarten through 12.
CAREER & TECHNICAL – a school offering a sequence of courses directly related to the preparation of students in current or emerging occupations that leads to postsecondary education and/or employment.
SPECIAL EDUCATION – a school offering instruction to students identified as having disabilities.
ALTERNATIVE – a school offering instruction to students who have been expelled or suspended on a long-term basis, are returning from juvenile correctional centers or have a pending violation of a school board policy.
PRESCHOOL – a school offering early childhood instruction to pre-kindergarten students.

Regional Schools for Specialized Instruction

Two or more school divisions may establish and jointly operate regional schools. For a list of non-regional schools within a particular division, see “All Virginia Public Schools – grouped by school division, " "Schools within a selected School Division" or "Schools within a selected School Division – listed by region."


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