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Middle schools in west virginia

Middle Schools  September 28, 2020 – 04:10 am

39 Golden Bear Drive

New Cumberland, WV 26047

Phone 304-387-2363

Ginger Greene, Principal

Alyssa Mick, Assistant Principal

Chris Enochs, Assistant Principal

Oak Glen Middle serves nearly 600 students in grades 5-8. The administration and staff are proud of this state of the art school, completed in the Fall of 2004, and hopes that the new facility will make the education of students even more effective.

Among many attributes, this West Virginia School of Excellence conducts a live, daily newscast and offers a rigorous academic environment to the student body. OGMS was the first middle school in the state to have its own Internet server.

The school's business partner is Hancock County Savings Bank.

Weir Middle School

125 Sinclair Avenue

Weirton, WV 26062

Phone 304-748-6080

Sarah Parsons, Principal

Barbara Switzer, Assistant Principal

Timothy Daugherty, Assistant Principal

A West Virginia School of Excellence and a Blue Ribbon School, Weir Middle School serves over 600 students in grades 5-8. Successful programs include the Accelerated Reader Program in which students spend 60 minutes per day reading, and a school wide writing event to improve skills. Weir Middle was named the Catalyst School for Hancock County for 2015-16.


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