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Family NP, University of Virginia School of Nursing  December 8, 2021 – 02:00 pm
Family Nurse Practitioner | ODU Online

Preparing students to be advanced practice nurses delivering care across the continuum as key members of 21st century health care teams.


  • Full- and part-time options available
  • Two years (full-time) or three years (part-time) to complete
  • Graduates are eligible for the FNP certification exam administered by ANCC or AANPBC
  • Application deadline: November 1 for entry the following fall

As the US health care system shifts toward wellness, rather than illness care, FNPs occupy a critical and expanding role in primary care. Our program emphasizes community-based primary healthcare for individuals and families across the lifespan.

Who should apply?

The FNP is offered at the MSN, certificate, and DNP levels.

Our Approach

  • Intimate—classes are small, dynamic and filled with like-minded learners
  • Mentorship—access to world-class nursing faculty, exceptional mentors, cutting-edge research and top-of-the-line clinical facilities
  • Hands-on experience—more than 500 hours of clinical experience
  • Flexibility—full- and part-time options available

Plans of study

Building on the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience of the BSN-prepared nurse, the FNP track prepares students to provide holistic care to patients, families and communities focusing health education and coordinating services. Skills include identification of acute illnesses; nursing and medical management of commonly encountered acute and chronic illnesses in collaboration and consultation with an interdisciplinary team; development of a knowledgebase of community needs and resources available for health promotion; health teaching, guidance, and counseling of clients and their families about illness and its prevention; and health promotion, maintenance, and management.

Class schedule

Full-time students begin study in the fall, and complete the program in two years, including summer session in year 1. In the first year, the full-time student has didactic classes on Thursdays and Fridays (in the fall and spring). When the student begins practicums, the didactic component is generally on Thursdays. Clinical practicum days will vary widely depending on the student’s clinical site and preceptor and may include hours outside the typical work week.


Students complete over 600 clinical hours in the FNP track, most in two semester-long preceptorships in the final two semesters of enrollment. Clinical placement sites are assigned based upon optimal learning experiences, students' requests, and availability.

All clinical/practicum activities are generally conducted within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Clinical/practice activities may be conducted outside Virginia if the University is authorized to place students in that state and pending faculty approval.

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