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Citywide Academy, Gifted, Advanced Academic, Charter School and Renaissance Academy School Bus Transportation  October 21, 2018 – 12:10 pm
Virginia Beach Schools facing critical shortage of bus drivers

2512 George Mason Drive • P.O. Box 6038 Virginia Beach, Virginia 757.263.1000 • 757.263.1240 TDD

Students enrolled in the school division’s citywide Academy, Gifted, or Advanced Academic programs, Charter School, Old Donation School, and Renaissance Academy have access to the citywide express bus route system as a means of transportation to and from school. Note: All out of zone student’s must complete a Citywide Transportation Application and return it to your student’s program coordinator or assistant principal before a bus stop will be established.

Bus Schedules for all citywide program/school students are available through WebQuery. This easy-to-use system enables you to match your student’s information with available bus stops based on your street address. For your convenience here are a few simple instructions to find your student’s bus schedule:

Academy and Advanced Academic Program Students Only – enter your address, select your student’s grade, and choose your student’s program from the program list. Here are your program code choices:

High School
BAYA – Bayside High School Health Science Academy
FCHA – First Colonia High School Legal Studies Academy
KEMA – Kempsville High School Entrepreneurship and Business Academy ***NEW 2016-2017 SY
OLMS – Ocean Lakes High School Math & Science Academy
LANA – Landstown High School Governor’s STEM and Technology Academy
PAIB – Princess Anne HS International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
SALA – Salem High School Visual & Performing Arts Academy
TALA – Tallwood High School Global Studies & World Languages Academy Middle School
SI – Landstown Middle School Spanish Immersion Program
PLIB – Plaza Middle School Middle Years International Baccalaureate Program
ART – Virginia Beach Middle School Visual Arts Program

For students enrolled in the following schools or programs or any students residing “in-zone”, please leave the program box blank and click “GO”:

Renaissance High School
Renaissance Middle School
Green Run Collegiate Charter School*
Old Donation School
*Green Run Collegiate students residing in the Green Run High School Zone choose “Green Run High”

Bus Routes will be available online by August 24 but will continue to be updated and changes will continue to be made through the first week of school. Please check back prior to the first day of school, September 7th for the most accurate information.

Important Reminder: All school bus stop arrival times for citywide schools and programs are subject to change significantly due to traffic or the enrollment of new students. WebQuery provides the most up to date bus route information available. Check back often and please have your student at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival for the first couple of weeks of school.

For your convenience, an overview of the citywide express bus route system is included on this page. Please remember that the Office of Transportation Services is dedicated to providing safe, energy efficient and cost-saving services to our students and families.

Centralized pick-up and delivery points will be established under general guidelines outlined below. There may be, however, unique circumstances in certain areas of the city that will result in a greater distance ratio between home and pick-up point. - Bus stops will only be established at the entrance to neighborhoods/multi-neighborhoods, on main thoroughfares, or at centralized locations within those neighborhoods. - Bus stops will be located up to 1.5 miles from a student's residence for Secondary School aged students and .5 miles for Elementary School aged students. - Bus stops will only be created for regular everyday riders. Occasional bus riders will be obligated to get to the nearest existing bus stop regardless of the distance to the stop. - Students residing within their home school's non-transportation zone will use their home school as their bus stop. If a student did not attend the citywide or academy program they would still be obligated to get to their home school without bus transportation. This transportation delivery system presents several advantages as listed below: - Students will spend less time on school buses. - Pick-up and drop-off times can be established with more certainty. - The judicious placement of school bus stops will allow both parents and students the flexibility of choosing bus stops that can best match individual schedules. - The citywide express route system will significantly reduce district-wide transportation costs. This will provide funds for the school system to maintain or create additional programs or academies. Student enrollment in individual citywide programs/schools will determine the locations of the bus stops in the citywide express route system. Identification of the bus stops will be established after the completion of student enrollment in the citywide programs. All citywide bus routes are revised and bus stops re-evaluated for centralized placement each summer due to the enrollment of new students and graduation of others. See above guidelines. Students must complete a Citywide Program Transportation Application and return to their program coordinator or assistant principal for processing. Transportation Bus Stops will not be established without proper notification. Allow a minimum of 3 – 5 business days for any bus stop change requests.


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