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virginia High school diploma requirements

VDOE :: Graduation Requirements  October 21, 2019 – 10:03 am

Regarding Credit Accommodations for students with disabilities who are working to earn a Standard Diploma.

Seal of Biliteracy – June, 2015, the Board of Education approved criteria for awarding a Virginia Seal of Biliteracy. The Seal of Biliteracy certifies attainment of a high level of proficiency by a graduating high school student in one or more languages in addition to English. See the Seal of Biliteracy for updates and additional information.

New Computer Science Guidelines – January 2015, the Virginia Board of Education approved (PDF). For more information, see Superintendent's Memo 022-15.

Graduate at the podium. A Virginia high school diploma signifies that the bearer has met proficiency standards established by the Board of Education in reading, writing, mathematics, science and history.

The resources listed here explain Virginia's graduation requirements and the many options now available to students for earning a high school diploma. You also will find information on how students can get even more out of their high school experience by accepting the challenge of advanced courses.

Webinar | Transcript (Word) – Watch the entire webinar or use the table of contents to select specific information on the various diploma options and their requirements. This interactive webinar also includes additional resources for more in-depth information.


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