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The Old Virginia Hills School  July 13, 2018 – 09:04 am

From September 6, 1955 until the summer of 1982, the Virginia Hills School on Diana Lane was the elementary school which served the Virginia Hills community for grades 1-7 (there was no kindergarten in 1955, and high school began with 8th grade). After its closing in June 1982, the school building was renovated and became the Fairfax County Public Schools' (FCPS) Area I Administrative Office. In 2000, the area-based system was abolished and replaced with the pyramid cluster system. The building was renamed the Virginia Hills Administrative Center and, until 2006, was home to the offices of Cluster IV (the area served by Mount Vernon and West Potomac High School pyramid clusters) and Cluster V (the area served by Edison and Lee High Schools and Hayfield Secondary School pyramid clusters). These offices were moved to the FCPS center on Gatehouse road. Some FCPS administrative offices remain.

At the time the school was closed, the school system committed to keeping two classrooms and the former cafeteria available for community activities. The Virginia Hills Citizens Association holds its five meetings in the former cafeteria, and that same room is used by the Fairfax County Board of Elections as the polling place for the Virginia Hills Precinct. The former school's athletic fields are used by local youth leagues, and the Citizens Association rebuilt the playground from the ground up to serve the neighborhood's children.


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