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Winchester, VA public school ratings and districts  October 19, 2016 – 03:18 pm
Winchester Public Schools

NeighborhoodScout® has developed the first ever nationally comparable school ratings.

The result? - neighborhood educational ratings that facilitate accurate comparison among schools, school districts, and neighborhoods in the same (or different) cities, and even between schools in different states.

It is well known that the quality of education provided by public schools varies greatly from school district to school district, and from city to city. Still further, the quality of a child's education can vary significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood within any city or town.

NeighborhoodScout® has detailed information on school district quality for every neighborhood in the country and specific school attendance patterns for over 85% of neighborhoods in the country. The quality of the specific schools that serve each neighborhood determines the school ratings of the neighborhood, and thus the school quality of any neighborhood may vary significantly from other neighborhoods, even within the same school district.

Where specific school attendance zones are not available, the neighborhood school quality ratings are based on the quality of the local school district(s) that serve the neighborhood along with the neighborhood-specific educational environment. Educational environment is assessed by the percentage of adults living in the neighborhood that have achieved at least a 4-year college degree, combined with rankings of the percentage of children living in poverty in the neighborhood.

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