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Lanier Middle School  September 29, 2022 – 10:48 am
A Former Student s Testimonial of the American Education System

Join Lanier for Eagle Fest on August 24th from 3-7pm! Students may begin turning in all required forms before Eagles Fest in order to avoid lines, but forms will be accepted this evening as well. Eagle Fest will also include Back To School Night, where students and parents can meet their teachers. More information is attached here. (Arabic) (Spanish) (Korean)

New Student orientation is August 25th 9:45-11:35am
All 7th graders and new to LMS 8th graders are invited to walk their schedules and meet their teachers. Parents are invited to coffee with Mrs. Lenart.

First Day of School-Monday August 28 7:30am
Please arrive no later than 7:20am each day for morning announcements.
We look forward to the start of an awesome school year for all of new eagles and returning eagles.

Summer Programs

Early Start and Innovation Programs for rising 7th grader will be available this summer. More information is available below.

Innovation Program
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Korean)

Early Start
(Spanish) (Arabic) (Korean)

Summer Homework for Students

English 7-The summer reading packet contains a directions page, the required assignment, and an optional assignment. The Ravenous Readers program is optional. All documentation is due on -The summer reading assignment is due September 8, 2017.

English 8-The summer reading assignment has all the necessary information for rising 8th graders. Please turn into your teacher by -The summer assignment for rising 9th graders of Fairfax HS can be found here.

Global Volunteers – Environmental Citizenship in the Dominican Republic
Travel Dates: March 24 – 31, 2018 (Spring Break)

Information for this trip is located here.

Environmental Ambassador Team wins Clean Fairfax Grant

Due to the number of “likes” on the Clean Fairfax Facebook page, the City of Fairfax FCCLA will be using the $500.00 grant to educate all 7th grade students about the dangerous effects of household products on the environment especially the Chesapeake bay Watershed.

Caring for Our Watershed Program

Lanier Students were by Earth Force and Agrium for a project dedicated to helping students become environmental stewards. The "international" Caring For our Watersheds" program posted a short piece recognizing the project as well.

Lanier has been recognized for its efforts in supporting environmental conservation and stewardship for the past 4 years.

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