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Virginia’s high school football schedule for 2017 has arrived  September 29, 2022 – 10:44 am

Start the countdown clock: There are only 60 days (two months!) until Virginia high school football season kicks off. That’s 166 days until championship Saturday.

The Virginia High School League released complete schedules for every team across the state on Monday. We’ve been tearing through them looking for the best matchups, buying gasoline for the lawn mower, sharpening our pencils, polishing our camera lenses, debating which schools have the best press boxes.

In other words, we can’t wait for football.

Here are the games we’ve already circled on our calendar. Until then, we’ll be busy X-ing off days in June, July and August.

Aug. 25: Marshall vs. Madison

Sept. 1: West Potomac vs. Lake Braddock

Is this finally the year for the Wolverines? West Potomac has lost to Lake Braddock 24-21 in each of the past two seasons. The Wolverines are out to prove they’re over the hump and ready to be considered one of Fairfax County’s top teams.

Sept. 8: Mount Vernon vs. Falls Church

We love this matchup, because who needs defense? The Majors’ quick-strike offense should be in full swing behind quarterback Timmy Heltzel and all-around playmaker Darrien Newton. The Jaguars are ready to keep feeding Dakwandre Marshall, pound for pound maybe the region’s hardest runner.

Sept. 22: Hayfield vs. South County

This game totaled 96 points in 2016, and will once again feature the state’s two top receivers: the Stallions’ Dillon Spalding and the Hawks’ Brian Cobbs. Combined in the 2016 edition of this game, they went for 15 catches, 276 yards and four touchdowns. Bring extra popcorn.

Sept. 22: South Lakes vs. Centreville

The past season made one thing very clear: South Lakes is for real, and the Seahawks return maybe the state’s top rushing duo in Albert Mensah and Spencer Alston. In the middle of a cushy schedule, they face Centreville, which allowed on average just 10.1 points per game last year.

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Oct. 13: Hylton vs. Freedom-Woodbridge

By now you’ve heard the name Ricky Slade and all the fits he causes defenses. The Penn State commit ran for 172 yards and two scores against Freedom last year. Hylton still lost. In 2017, can the Bulldogs ride Ricky to a win?

Oct. 20: Tuscarora vs. Stone Bridge

Wait, are you talking about a late-October game between two teams who want to smash the ball at the line of scrimmage? Yeah, this will be fun. Bring a blanket and some hot chocolate and prepare to holler about every holding call.

Oct. 27: Broad Run vs. Briar Woods

Three words: Late. Season. Rivalry. This game has the potential to significantly shift playoff seeding up and down the Virginia 5A, because the Spartans and Falcons have six opponents in common.

Oct. 27: Westfield vs. West Potomac

Will somebody please give West Potomac a break? Nine of their 10 upcoming opponents were 2016 playoff teams. Three of them were 6A North region semifinalists. Here, the Wolverines get two-time defending state champion Westfield on the Bulldogs’ home turf.

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