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Catholic High schools in virginia

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School  April 19, 2022 – 04:14 pm
Virginia Roman Catholic Private Schools | Reviews & Photos

We completely dismissed this school because it was a Catholic HS, surely it's teachers and students were subpar. I was completely shocked. My other kids graduated from the "elite" double priced HS, after visiting here this was the only school we applied to. Your input matters here. Overachiever? no problem skip to honors/ AP, there are even younger kids in this years 9th grade. Nerds, Intl students from China, Jocks, Artsy students, non Catholic, all get along, very welcoming. Staff always smiling and goes out of way. Science dept. is 5 star, ties in competitions with the #2 high school in the country (Thomas Jefferson high) in competitions year after year, English dept amazing, award winning literary mag, incredible Theatre, and big on Sports, Fun football games, so far undefeated. Already met college counselor in 9th grade! Love all of the assignments/test schedule posted provided to parents (grades too) way ahead of time. College counseling meeting in 9th grade.I am a super picky mom, kids were in Blue ribbon schools and then what I thought was the #1 private school here. This is 100% the best HS in Hampton Roads. Only complaint? This school and its teachers are way too modest.

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