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Top Party schools in virginia

2017 Top Party Schools in VirginiaAbout this List  September 2, 2022 – 06:29 am
Top Party Schools: Princeton Review List Ranks U.S. Colleges
  • 4 Year
  • Petersburg, VA
  • 1, 118

19 Top Party Schools in Virginia

College Sophomore: Virginia State University(VSU) is an excellent college choice with absolutely phenomenal professors and students from all different backgrounds. As a second semester freshman here at VSU, I must say, at first I was unsure of what to expect as far as campus life goes. When most hear the word "college" they think parties, homework, parties, parties, sororities or fraternities, and of course, parties. VSU quickly brought me to reality. Everyone here takes their college careers extremely serious, some practically live in the library! Not only are students here striving to excel in their respected field, but many of these students have no problem with standing up for what they believe in. There is inspiration everywhere! Virginia STate University, in a short time span, has taught me to be unapologetic in who I am, seek knowledge, walk in pride for my school, and has changed me for the better. VSU! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!
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  • C+

    Overall Niche Grade

  • Party Scene
  • 77% Acceptance Rate
  • $14, 438 Net Price
  • 770-940
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