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Old Dominion University  July 11, 2022 – 11:40 am
Eastern Virginia Medical School Community Focus. World Impact

For information about the joint program in medicine, contact:

Reneldo Randall
Director of Advising
College of Sciences
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA,

The Joint Program in Medicine is designed to encourage highly qualified students to receive a B.S. from Old Dominion University and a M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School. A student accepted into the ODU/EVMS Joint Program in Medicine will be guaranteed a position at Eastern Virginia Medical School upon graduation from Old Dominion University and completion of prerequisite courses for medical school. Applications are due in MGB 236 by December 1st.

Eligibility and Selection of Students for the Program

  1. Applications will be accepted from students without regard to a student's state of residency. Sophomores at Old Dominion University who matriculated to ODU at the beginning of their freshman year will apply for the BSMD program through the ODU Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PHAC). Applications will be received and reviewed by that committee. Based upon academic records, including high school performance and SAT scores, and nonacademic factors such as volunteerism, leadership, and health care exposure, the Pre-Health Advisory Committee will nominate candidates.

    2. Applicants for the program should have attained a combined SAT (Math and Verbal) score of at least 1250 or ACT score of at least 28 and have achieved an overall and science grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.40 from courses at Old Dominion. These should be viewed as minimum requirements. Students who do not meet these minimum requirements will not be considered for the program.

    3. Students may apply at the end of their freshman year ONLY. To be eligible, students must matriculate to the University at the beginning of their freshman year and complete a minimum of 24 credit hours at Old Dominion University including a full year of laboratory science (general chemistry recommended) prior to applying for the program.

    4. Members of a joint ODU/EVMS faculty committee will interview qualified applicants.

    5. To guarantee the position at EVMS, a student in this program must maintain an overall or science GPA of 3.25 while at Old Dominion and participate in seminars, classes and/or medical research experiences associated with the program. Students' progress will be monitored by the PHAC with annual reports forwarded to the Associate Dean of Admissions at EVMS. A student with a GPA below 3.25 will be dropped from the program. A student will be dropped from the program if found guilty of violating the Honor Code or if the recommendations of the major advisor and joint committee are not followed.

    6. Students in this program must complete the prerequisite courses required by EVMS before matriculating to the M.D. program; this includes one year of biology, two years of chemistry (including organic chemistry), and one year of physics, and obtain grades of B or better. Old Dominion University faculty determines which courses appropriately meet these requirements.

    7. Students in the program are required to take the MCAT and attain a minimum combined score at or above 503 (61 st percentile) for admission to EVMS.

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