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Northside High school roanoke virginia

Northside High School in Roanoke, VA  August 2, 2018 – 09:17 am
Geothermal System Installation at Northside High School . Roanoke

Northside high school is a very unique school. They provide a vast variety of clubs to choose from. They have a variety of sports too, things like golf and tennis. The food in Northside though is awful. The food taste so bland. Aside from that, Northside has some of the finest teacher available. Some teachers teach with so much enthusiasm that after leaving, you get a want to come back for more. Some not only just teach the material given to them, but also head off course to other phenomenal topics. You can easily tell, which teachers who absolutely love what they do. But Northside hasn't been through its best years lately, it's experienced it's fair share of controversy recently. Since 2015, Northside has been getting constant attacks. I'm talking about things like bomb threats and shootings. All of these were luckily false alarms. Overall, Northside is an inspirational environment with many choices to choose from that has a fantastic staff.


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