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Saint matthews school virginia beach

St Matthew's School in Virginia Beach, VA  June 15, 2021 – 05:46 am
St. Matthew s School Profile | Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA)

I have attended this school for 11 years. I must say that this school is worth spending your money on. Although some teachers may not be as professional and advanced as others or may be more 'snooty' on students, it's still all worth it. St. Matt's taught me very important lessons that I would need in the future. One major lesson is religion. St. Matt's made me realize how important being a catholic is. At first when i went to St. Matt's, I was only 3 years old, I didn't believe in God, but as i grew older, i started to learn more about God and my faith in him grew. The very last year at St. Matt's, my religion teacher was one of the main reasons why I pray every night now, because of St. Matt's, there's no doubt in my mind that there is a God. St. Matt's has an outstanding athletics department. I joined soccer, cross country, track, and basketball my past years at St. Matt's. The teachers are VERY supporitve when it comes to sports. Some even came to our toughest baskteball games just to support us! St. Matt's sports taught me to be dedication, determination, commitment, and support. The academics here are also outstanding, most especially math. Even though St. Matt's is strict about dress codes and has uniforms, I certainly think it has taught us to 'never judge a book by its cover, ' because of St. Matt's I have met many caring, loyal, determined, and RESPECTFUL students. I have many friends that go to a public school and many that went to St. Matt's. The biggest difference between them is their properness and the way they talk, i'm not saying all public school kids are like that though, but out of all my friends, my friends from St. Matthew's are more respectful and proper. Overall, St. Matthew's is definitely a school that I would want to put my kids in when I grow up.


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