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MD Program Admissions  April 26, 2017 – 01:46 pm
School of Medicine | VCU Alumni | Page 14

We hope you find the information on the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Admissions website helpful. Our goal is to select the most capable students to attend our school by using AAMC Holistic Review Project E-A-M Model of evaluating Experiences, Attributes and Metrics to determine how the applicant might contribute to VCU School of Medicine learning environment as well as to the medical profession as a future physician. VCU School of Medicine is seeking to enroll and graduate a class representing many dimensions of diversity.

Exposure to a variety of experiences, perspectives and interests prepares students to become competent physicians with a commitment for learning and a passion to serve others in all walks of life. If you have questions not addressed on the website or our Frequently Asked Questions we invite you to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

As most prospective medical school applicants probably already know, the Medschool admissions journey starts long before you actually submit your medical school application. This section of our website outlines the various steps of which our medical school applicants should take prior to actually applying to our school. First, we invite you to learn more about the history and mission of our school, VCU School of Medicine, by clicking the Go button on the Our Mission section below. Once you’ve read about our history and mission, hover over the next yellow folded section and visit the Aspiring Docs website. After reviewing the Aspiring Docs website, continue on to the next step in your MD Admissions journey by hovering over the green folded section and review the information provided on the Future Applicant page. Finally, after you’ve completed the previous steps in the MD Admissions Journey, hover over the last yellow folded section and begin the AMCAS medical school application on the AMCAS website.


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