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Pamplin College of Business  April 26, 2017 – 01:37 pm
Pamplin College of Business – Think Bigger

Do you have quantitative aptitude, good oral and written communication skills, a high level of motivation, and an interest in leadership, global affairs, and people? If so, your future may lie in the field of business.

The Pamplin College of Business is committed to providing top-quality undergraduate education that prepares men and women for successful careers in the field of business. It is ranked in the top 50 undergraduate business schools by U.S. News and World Report and in the top 10 percent of accredited business programs. Our emphasis is on developing the leadership skills of our students, enhancing their technology skills, and preparing them for global business challenges, including providing opportunities for experience abroad.

In addition to an extensive education in business, students graduate with a broad liberal arts foundation, information technology skills, good writing and speaking skills, and the ability to manage human relations. The combination makes for management professionals who are in demand.

High School Preparation & Admission to the College

A challenging college preparatory curriculum is your foundation for success in Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. Specifically, you must present a minimum of 18 units. Four units of English are required. The university requires three units of math (including algebra II and geometry), but it is recommended that business students have a fourth, such as trigonometry or pre-calculus. Two units of social sciences including history, and two units of lab science, chosen from biology, chemistry, or physics also are required. Three additional college preparatory units are required, and the balance of the required credits are your choice. Because computers are an integral part of the program, students should consider taking elective computer classes in high school such as Microsoft Office or a programming language.

Students should also be aware that there is a significant difference between college business courses and high school business courses. Advanced college preparatory courses are recommended over specialized high school business courses.

In addition to your high school transcript, SAT or ACT (plus writing) scores are required of freshman applicants.

Curriculum & Opportunities

The college is accredited by AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. A bachelor of science in business is offered with majors in accounting and information systems (with options in accounting, information systems, or information systems-audit), business information technology (with options in decision support systems or operations management), economics, finance [with options in general finance, financial accounting, financial services management, corporate financial management, investment management, or certified financial planner (CFP) track], hospitality and tourism management, management (with options in human resource management or entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management), and marketing. Students in any business major may choose to minor in global business. The college also offers minors in leadership and in real estate, business diversity, and applied computing for students in any major, and a minor in business for students from other majors.

All business majors emphasize the use of computer technology in course work, and the college requires each student to have a laptop or tablet PC. The university and the college have integrated wireless Internet access into the existing network, allowing students to access the network across campus using wireless technology. Pamplin Hall classrooms are wireless, and students may be expected to bring their laptops to class.

Business student organizations sponsor speakers, plant and office tours, and an annual career fair at which representatives from more than 150 employers discuss job opportunities with interested students. Two student groups each manage about $5 million of the university’s endowment.

Business majors also benefit from the college’s own career services director, who publicizes internships and position openings, solicits new recruiters, and sponsors programs on career planning and job search skills.

Over 200 Pamplin students participate annually in Pamplin international programs and study-abroad opportunities.

Faculty & Facilities

The college is located in Pamplin and Wallace Halls. In addition to classrooms, these buildings house computer labs, a behavioral lab, a student organizations office, an atrium, and all the college's faculty and administrative offices.

The college enrolls 3, 700 undergraduates and has about 130 full-time faculty members, many of whom have won awards for outstanding teaching and research.

Many faculty members have worked in business, government, or industry. They maintain close contacts with businesses through cooperative research, continuing education courses, and consulting

Students are admitted directly into the college and have four semesters of common course work. An undergraduate programs office is available to assist students with their advising needs during the first two years. Once students have declared a major and completed lower division courses, they are advised by a faculty member in the chosen department about options within the major, elective courses, and career choices. The college also has its own career services director, who counsels students in their career development. Additionally, each department has a career advisor.

Freshman Curriculum

Although each student’s overall course of study will be unique according to interests, all students in the college complete a common two-year program of study that is strongly rooted in the liberal education. This curriculum gives students the foundation for all majors in the college before making a final decision about a major.


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