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West Springfield High school (Virginia)

West Springfield High School  May 5, 2017 – 08:24 am
West Springfield High School Reunions - Springfield, VA - Classmates

I moved to this school during the summer of my junior year. I was faced with hardships trying to accommodate to this school mainly because the educational standings were higher than my previous school. Plus, being the new kid, especially during junior year, is not easy. As time continued however, I was able to improve my grades and become more involved in the school. One specific teacher really helped me get through the school year, giving me support and advice when I first moved. The sense of not feeling alone allowed me to grow as both a student and a person. This school has many adults that provide this sense of connection to the students, which is something rare.
In terms of academics, the school is a great place for students to learn and strive. The teachers are great at their job and highly qualified. The community and the students at this school create both a positive and safe environment. Many students are open and welcoming to others. I remember my first day of junior year, not knowing who or where to sit during lunch. A friendly senior however, invited me to sit with her and her friends, relieving so much stress and anxiety. This small action honestly made such a difference to me and I knew I was going to love this school.
The only problem with this school is the old building! It's great to know that the building to getting renovated this year, it really needs a makeover!


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