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Aerospace Engineering schools in virginia

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  September 27, 2022 – 08:29 am
Engineering Schools Offering Aeronautical Engineering Programs

News and upcoming events for MAE students, faculty, family and friends.

Information about all programs and courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Information for current students.

Topics for senior design projects (MAE 434W and 435) for the current academic year. Archive of previous projects.


Welcome to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department web site. We hope that you will find it useful regarding our Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering degree programs and our research. For the list and locations of departmental officers, and for a quick overview of the department, please visit the About the Department page.

MAE Mission

1) Develop and maintain a high quality undergraduate program of study leading to the bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

2) Develop and maintain high quality graduate programs of study and research leading to the master's and doctoral degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

3) Develop and maintain high quality research program in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics disciplines.

4) Provide practicing Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers the opportunities to develop and maintain up-to-date technical knowledge and skills.

5) Provide the skills and knowledge related to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering profession to support existing government agencies, consulting firms and industries and help promote the development of competitive and new industry in Virginia.

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