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Admissions Requirements  July 7, 2020 – 11:36 am
Ghent Family Medicine Residency Program - Eastern Virginia Medical

As a medical school dedicated since its inception to the health care needs of eastern Virginia, EVMS shows preference to applicants from the Commonwealth of Virginia, especially legal residents of Hampton Roads. For an applicant to be considered as an in-state Virginia resident for tuition purposes, he or she must have legally domiciled in the Commonwealth of Virginia for a least one year prior to matriculation and must fulfill other requirements to confirm Virginia residency.

Applications from out-of-state students who have strong academic credentials and the personal traits valued by EVMS are also encouraged to apply. Applicants from rural or other underserved regions and those who have been disadvantaged or underrepresented for economic, racial, or social reasons, and who possess the motivation and aptitude required for the study of medicine, are also strongly encouraged to apply.

The MCAT and a minimum of 100 semester hours, including the below required prerequisite courses, must be taken within the United States or Canada at an accredited university. (Online/internet-based courses are not acceptable).

Applicants who are enrolled or are planning to enroll in a degree-seeking graduate program must fulfill the degree requirements for that program prior to matriculating at EVMS.

Prerequisite Courses:

  • Biology (with labs) 1 year
  • General chemistry (with labs) 1 year
  • Organic chemistry (with labs) 1 year
  • Physics (with labs) 1 year

(Biochemistry is highly recommended).

Applicants must have grades of C or better in all required courses. Credits earned through advanced placement programs or CLEP are acceptable. Applicants may enhance their chances of acceptance by taking graduate course work in the natural sciences. In recent years, students matriculating at EVMS have had a mean GPA of 3.50 and a mean MCAT of 31 (510).

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a computer-based exam which is offered multiple times throughout the year and must be taken by the prospective student before the application can be processed.

EVMS will only consider MCAT scores from exams taken within two years prior to the application date. We will accept MCAT scores from exams taken from January 2015 through October 2017. The January 2018 MCAT will be considered for wait-listed applicants only. The MCAT tests academic competencies in the natural sciences, reasoning and analysis skills, and concepts from psychology, sociology and biology that provide the foundation for learning in medical school about the behavioral and socio-cultural determinants of health, (Source: AAMC). An applicant may wish to take the MCAT more than once to ensure the best possible performance. If an applicant intends to take the MCAT for the first time in the fall, review of his or her application will not take place until the score has been received. Information and registration may be accessed online at .


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